about me

Hello there. First of all, thank you for stopping by. My name is Shawn Whyte, and from the contents of this site you can see what it is that I do; photography and illustrations. I moved to Philadelphia in 2009 and have been working freelance since I graduated with a Bachelors of Art in Photography from Penn State University. I don't believe in making up some credo or mission statement to justify what I am doing, I do it because I love it. My interest in photography started in 9th grade, when I took a class in high school where I got to use a dark room for the first time and then I went to a photojournalism course at Penn State's Institute for High School Journalists for a week one summer. Then I took another the next year. And then the next summer as well. After I graduated high school, I was asked to come back and help new students there. Soon after, the drawings started. One boring night during my freshman year of college, I decided to draw while I was doing laundry, and since then an eruption occured and hours were overtaken by this new development. The drawings have helped my patience in my work grow by leaps and bounds. Before, the idea of working on something for hours a day and not finishing for weeks didn't sound very appealing, but I now know how rewarding it is after all of those hours have passed and the result that I have been striving for is before me. I have become a determined individual. This has made it easy to work by myself or with a group. While working in a group-style studio photography class, I found myself with the feeling that I have taken the leadership role and really helped things run efficiently. I was consistently the first to arrive in the morning to set up the lighting, and the last to leave.